Handlebar Control
This handlebar control was created for our Infinity bluetooth unit.: - $75

Infinity bluetooth unit wireless remote: - $79.95

Adjustable wind deflectors - $119

Wind Deflectors - $49.95

Marine Splash Cover - $45
(Please note that this cover is included when you buy a full stereo unit with the Sony CD player)

Available in 5” or 8” clear or smoked - $45
(Please note that our Dyna fairing is only available with the 5" windscreen currently)

Windscreen trim:
Polished stainless steel trim - $49.95


- King size trunk (25" x 19" x 13")
- All HD hardware will fit and work on this trunk
- Available in black gelcoat or painted to your factory color
- Does not include hinges, latches or locks (But will be available soon)

$275.00 - Black gelcoat
$550.00 - Factory color painted